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Maestro 3D Dental Studio

Ortho Studio

Virtual Setup

The virtual setup module allows to move the teeth for both the arches, evaluating distances contacts and intersections. It also allows to add and customize attachments / labels (both positive or negative) and to perform teeth extractions and IPR (interproximal reduction).

Models Builder

The transition models builder module allows to create the set of 3D models needed for the whole orthodontic treatment, ready to be exported in STL/PLY/OBJ file format and optimized for the 3D printing. The user can decide the number of transition models, the maximum movement along the canonical axes and the maximum expected rotation for each model.

Models Builder

Cut & Close

Remove excess parts in order to save material and speed up the printing process.

Brackets Placement

The brackets placement module allows to automatically place the brackets on the teeth. It offers various placement techniques (Step, Roth, Wick Alexander, Dwight Damon, MBT, Andrews) and, in combination with the clear aligner module, allows to construct several types of trays for the transfer of the brackets in the mouth of the patient.

Brackets Placement

Virtual Clear Aligner

The clear aligner module allows to design and construct the clear aligners in a virtual way; with this module is possible to draw the aligner shape, set a variable thickness and simulate the thermoforming. It also allows to make the bracket transfer trays for bracket placement (with or without jig) and the guide for etching for attachment placement.

Clear Aligner 1
Clear Aligner 2

Attachment Tray 1
Attachment Tray 2

Etching guide for attachment placement

Clear Aligner Brackets Tray 1
Clear Aligner Brackets Tray 2

Bracket transfer trays for bracket placement

Clear Aligner Brackets with Windows 1
Clear Aligner Brackets with Windows 2

Bracket transfer trays for bracket placement (with windows)

Jig Tray 2
Jig Tray 2

Bracket transfer trays for bracket placement (with JIG)

Combine the real roots coming from CBCT devices

Use the real roots, when available, is really important in order to exactly determine the axes of the teeth and to know the exact position of the roots. The software allows to combine the scanned crowns with the real roots, obtaining a very accurate and detailed final 3D Model, very useful in the successive steps. The picture below shows an example of scanned crowns merged with roots coming from a CBCT scan. The merging process is fast, easy and totally automatic.



It allows to embed inside to the PDF report the 3D models of the case, containing the movement overview and the details of the performed virtual setup. A very powerful and effective way to share the performed work with the doctor.



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Complete with brackets libraries [1.22 GB]
Without brackets libraries [84 MB]