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Shining 3D Autoscan DS-MIX

High resolution 3D dental scanner

AutoScan DS-MIX is a super-precise multifunctional 3D dental scanner, developed and manufactured by Shining 3D, capable of perfectly capturing even the smallest details.

AutoScan DS-MIX defines a new concept of dental 3D scanning. It is a top of the range Shining 3D scanner. From an aesthetic point of view, it is characterized by an open design and its modular structure. AutoScan DS-MIX captures very fine details with high precision and efficiency thanks to its 2 x 5.0mp cameras. It meets the needs of the most demanding users, and is the ideal scanner for a wide range of dental applications including crowns and bridges, implants, bars.

Ultra-fine details

Thanks to the dual 5.0 MP high resolution cameras, AutoScan DS-MIX is able to perfectly capture the ends of the stumps and the minimal characterizations of the scanned objects.

Comparison of 1.3MP and 5MP cameras


Unmatched speed

AutoScan DS-MIX scans with maximum accuracy very quickly and is thus very efficient: 13 seconds for a full arch scan. With the new all-in-one scanning, scanning times can be reduced by 30%.



Single Jaw


1-4 Dies/5-8 Dies




All-in-One Scanning

With this function it is possible to scan two non-separated arches together, improving scan times by approximately 30%

Intelligent Add-Scan

The software that comes with the scanner offers an easy and intuitive user experience. A special algorithm called “Intelligent Add-Scan” automatically detects the areas not perfectly captured and automatically adds additional scans to them, thus simplifying the operator’s work.

Tangent closure of the screw hole

Users can close the screw channel directly in the software, streamlining the scanning workflow.

Multiple scanning modes with articulator

AutoScan-DS-MIX provides different scanning modes with the assisted device and allows the transfer of information to the CAD of the articulators: Artex, Kavo, SAM and Bio-Art.

An infinity of applications available

The exceptional performance of Autoscan DS-MIX allows the scanner to be precious in many applications including: abutment, scan body, articulator, all-in-one, impressions, textures, veeners etc.