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Cost effective
Dental 3D Scanner

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Powerful dental CAD software

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Intraoral Scanner

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► Brand New Design
► Faster Scan
► Higher Accuracy
► Longer Scan Tip

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Full range of Dental Resins

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Large Format Dental 3D Printer


Unparalleled Accuracy
Large Print Size
High Performance
Multiple Resin Options

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Dental 3D Printer

Fast Print Speed
Ultra High Accuracy and Details
Intelligent Support Creation
Long Lifetime Resin Tank


Europe’s leading supplier of digital dentistry hardware and software for Orthodontists, Dental Labs and Dental Clinics

Awesome Technology is a specialist in the field of making digital dentistry a reality for orthodontists, dental labs, and clinics through supplying state-of-the-art 3D printers, 3D scanners, software and materials whilst sharing expert knowledge gained since the inception of the sector.

The provision of dental 3D printers, 3D and intra-oral scanners, and software is backed by our unrivalled after-sales support and training facilities. Our strong links with orthodontists, dental clinics, and dental labs stem from our ability to understand unique needs and tailor solutions to suit.

Awesome Technology has UK and European repair centres for its products and provides accessories, spares, dental resins and a range of solutions to start, evolve and support everyone on the exciting path of a full digital dentistry workflow.

Introducing DFAB

Permanent Restorations in less than an hour!


Instant Printing

Print crowns, bridges or veneers straight after the dental scan.

Complete Control

Adjust size, colour, shading, thickness & design for a natural result.

High Accuracy & Speed

DFAB’s accuracy and precision enables 3D prints in less than 20 minutes.

Biocompatible Material

DFAB uses disposable cartridges of ceramic resin producing outstanding permanent restorations.

Silent & Maintenance Free

DFAB operates silently and dust-free, and requires no maintenance, installation, or tool changes.


The benefits of Digital Dentistry…

For Dental Labs

Dental Labs are used by dentists who do not possess the resources to complete specific applications in-house, either due to time constraints or they lack specialist equipment.

Labs require state-of-the-art hardware to provide highly accurate digital and printed models. For this, we offer a range of Desktop Scanners, which, when used with our dental software (ExoCad and Maestro) allows trained technicians to prepare an STL file for printing on our range of 3D Printers.

Through close relationships with many labs, we’ve found that the reliability, accuracy, speed and output that our 3D printer range offers is of a huge benefit to them in meeting each individuals requirements.

For Dental Clinics

Dentists who already have an intra-oral scanner in their clinic can compliment this by having one of our 3D Printers in-house to make the digital workflow a reality and speed up the whole process immensely.

Whether it be printing models for aligners, surgical guides, temporary crowns & bridges or permanent restorations, our 3D Printer range has you covered, regardless of your requirements.

Keeping design and production in-house saves significant time and expense compared to outsourcing to a local laboratory. By completing the post processing associated with the 3D printers, Models, Guides, Splints and Dentures (plus other applications) can all be ready in under a couple of hours.

Digital Dentistry Workflow

Adding 3D scanning and printing to your dental workflow has never been easier and improves efficiency like nothing else! Intraoral scanners and dental CAD software integrates with 3D printers all using the industry-standard .STL file format.

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