While discipline in engineering design and manufacture has its place alongside method and procedure, the freedom of expression needed in artistic design and engineering innovation may often be sacrificed for the organisation. The ability to turn around quick ideas has been helped enormously by the availability of 3D design software and 3D printing.

These represent a coming together of decades of evolving technologies that has moved from drafting to wire frame layouts, surface modelling, solid modelling and the modern hybrid design tools with specific add-on applications.

Similarly 3D printing technologies have moved from the toxic and brittle constructions of the past to the present professional MoonRay 3D printer solutions offered by Awesome Technology Ltd that can retain details down to a ten micron resolution for a range of new materials and in a highly attractive package. Versions for the engineering, medical and jewellery sectors address the individual needs in a DLP package that is ten times faster than conventional laser printers.

Wherever design innovation needs to be give life to new ideas and attempt prototypes or proof of concept models the software and 3D printers exclusively available from Awesome Technology Ltd should be of primary consideration.