MoonRay 3D Printer

The Elegant Dental 3D Printing Solution

MoonRay 3D printers bring new levels of speed, precision and reliability to 3D printing. With a cleverly designed package to grace any office, laboratory or workshop, MoonRay technology is available in a family of models adapted for specific applications.

MoonRay’s exceptional accuracy is the result of its RayOne UV LED projector and our high-performance MoonRay, or third party, materials.

While MoonRay has its own materials carefully crafted and calibrated for dental work it is distinguished by the ability to use a range of non-proprietary resins.

The emergence of bio compatible resins that are certified and registered as bio compatible for dentistry applications is one of the big steps forward in 3D printing.

Ease of Use

It couldn’t be simpler to use – just add the STL model, let the software automatically build the fine supports needed and start printing.

With duplicate slide in/slide out resin trays, to allow for fast resin changes between jobs, and their easy to clean design, it’s not just printing time that is saved.

The RayWare software for manipulating the parts, estimating run time, filling the build volume and a host of other features is all part of the elegance, and is available for both Windows or Mac operating systems.

European Distributor and Repair Centre

For further information visit our MoonRay 3D Printer site.