Aoralscan Intraoral Scanner

A very cost effective intraoral scanner with Artificial Intelligence based data optimisation producing practical scans for implants, restoration and orthodontics. Superbly practical and smooth data capture enables chairside or mixed clinic plus dental lab restorations that improve the workflow significantly. The real-time scan produced through a user friendly interface adds enormously to the digital impression reliability.

Operating under normal dental practice lighting conditions and without additional aids such as powder, the all new Aoralscan provides for a simple approach that improves the patients’ clinical experience compared to other digital impression techniques and scanners.

The real time scan procedure provides a realistic colour image through an easy to use guided process carried out by a single technician or dentist using the in built motion sensing functions and audio guidance.

The included software suite provides both automatic and manual functions to provide the highest quality digital impressions and can be used to enhance the visualisation and data quality wherever practicable while minimising the dentists’ need to intervene.

Universal Application

Covers chairside, orthodontic, clinical restorations and treatments


The enhanced scan with clear margin lines aids operation

Automatic Scan Retracing

Any missing scan data allows a return to an area that is aligned smoothly

Data Cloud Platform

Enables easy communications between clinics and labs

Detailed Indications

Details for single crowns, bridges, inlays, veneers and implants

The in-built software evaluation toolkit provides users with the ability to examine the scanned data closely at the clinic to provide a variety of detailed information for ‘downstream’ labs or technicians to increase design quality and understanding.

Flexible Workflow

Chairside Instant Restoration


Aoralscan Intraoral Scanner

Scanning Speed 15 fps (video-based)
Temperature 10° – 40° C
Accuracy can be influenced by too high or too low temperature)
Output Data STL, OBJ
Interface USB 3.0
Power DC12V 1.67A

Clinical Toolkit

Check undercut

Mark Teeth

Extract Margin Line

Export to Exocad