About Us

Awesome Technology was formed by a group of engineers with aerospace, automotive and metrology experience before defining and successfully writing engineering software that is sold and supported worldwide.

With the arrival of newer technologies such as 3D printing, precision scanners and laser applications Awesome Technology set about utilising and writing software that would integrate technologies and industrial processes.

For example, despite the substantial advances in the automation of engineering processes the dentistry and orthodontic sector has remained a largely manual solution for highly skilled personnel. Using personal scanners to capture the mouth model and software to design changes or additions to it, bridges, caps etc can be produced by an on site 3D printer such as the MoonRay. The costs of such an automated procedure are reduced substantially and the patient treatment can be completed in a day instead of over weeks.

This is just one example of where Awesome expertise and consulting can be used to provide advantages for both the system operator and end user. The company based near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire also has three subsidiaries in Italy.