3D Print Dental Occlusal Guards and Splints

Fabricate night guards in-office

Rigid appliances printed in a matter of hours mean that you can provide better care while steeply cutting manufacturing costs. Splints, mouth guards, and retainers can be fabricated with SprintRay 3D printers using a biocompatible class IIa material.

These common dental appliances serve to protect patients from Bruxism and help keep teeth in their proper orthodontic alignment. The final fabricated appliances are attractively clear, strong, and durable.

  • Print 4 full-arch night guards and splints in under 1 hour for about $3.00 each.
  • Global accuracy is within ±150 microns over 95 percent of the surfaces when printed at 50 micron layer thickness.

Workflow Overview

Using an intraoral scanner and a proper dental CAD software, you can save time and cost by printing all types of splints and retainers in-office for your patients. The true beauty of this work flow is that once you have the patient’s digital oral splint data, he/she no longer requires chair time when the inevitable need arises to replace a broken/lost oral splint appliance. Simply reprint the patients splint and have it ready to be picked up at the front desk.


Data Capturing

Capture and record a patient’s anatomy.


Design/Treatment Planning

Design the denture using dental CAD software.


Print & Process

Prepare 3D models, print them, and post-process according to material requirements.



Deliver appliance as recommended.