BB Cure Dental

BB Cure is the first UV curing for 3D printing.

The evolution of the materials require the highest performing system.

Thanks to our advanced LED system the BB Cure can reduce the energy consumption and can optimise the heating process with the recycling of heat energy without wastefulness.

Why the BB Cure Dental?

BB Cure Dental is designed for the curing and the finalization of dental resin produced by 3D printers.

The UV ray and the controlled heat wrap your resin objects with a 360° action and producing tidy objects in every detail. The large dimension of internal heated camera (25 cm in diameter for 20 h) allow finalising of dental devices with different measurements.

The 3 standard programs (little, big and multi) are studied to answer to the normal requests. However, if you have specific requirements the ‘Dental Program’ you can customise the time and the temperature to obtain perfect results.

  • Large internal volume to accommodate big objects
  • High power to allow curing in the shortest possible time
  • User friendly thanks to our touch interface
  • Beautiful modern design
  • Green Technology because BB Cure recycles the heat from LEDs for heating the internal space


  • External dimension: 355 x 410 x 350(h) mm
  • Internal dimension: 250 x 200(h) mm
  • System: Controlled by microprocessor
  • Display: Touch screen
  • Light source: LED UV tra 405 e 310 nm
  • Power source:
    • input: 100-240V, 0,6A, 50-60HZ
    • LED power: 150 W